December 16, 2011

LO Extraction : Tcode and program for filling setup tables

One of the most important activity while performing LO extraction is Setup tables filling. We often find difficulty while finding out the t-code and program which runs in SM37 when you fill setup tables for LO Extractors.

Below list will give you the clear information.

Datasource                              Tcode                        Program

2LIS_02*                              OLI3BW                 RMCENEUA

2LIS_03_BX                         MCNB                    RMCBINIT_BW
2LIS_03_BF                         OLI1BW                  RMCBNEUA
2LIS_03_UM                        OLIZBW                 RMCBNERP

2LIS_04* orders                   OLI4BW                  RMCFNEUA
2LIS_04* manufacturing       OLIFBW                  RMCFNEUD
2LIS_05*                             OLIQBW                  RMCQNEBW
2LIS_08*                             VTBW                     VTRBWVTBWNEW
2LIS_08* (COSTS)              VIFBW                    VTRBWVIFBW
2LIS_11_V_ITM                 OLI7BW                   RMCVNEUA
2LIS_11_VAITM                OLI7BW                   RMCVNEUA
2LIS_11_VAHDR               OLI7BW                   RMCVNEUA
2LIS_12_VCHDR               OLI8BW                   RMCVNEUL
2LIS_12_VCITM                OLI8BW                   RMCVNEUL
2LIS_12_VCSCL                OLI8BW                   RMCVNEUL
2LIS_13_VDHDR              OLI9BW                    RMCVNEUF
2LIS_13_VDITM               OLI9BW                    RMCVNEUF
2LIS_17*                           OLIIBW                    RMCINEBW
2LIS_18*                           OLISBW                   RMCSNEBW
2LIS_45*                           OLIABW                   RMCENEUB


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