January 27, 2012

Two or more BW systems on one OLTP system

In real time scenarios, we will get a situation where we need to connect two or more BW systems to single OLTP(ECC) system.

when we get this scenario, the first thing we get in mind is how can we maintain delta queue for two BW systems in one ECC systems.

As we all know in ECC system, RSA7(Delta queue) will be based on target system, but again this is for LO data sources.

When it comes to data sources like FI, which will extract the data based on time stamp maintained in table  BWOM2_TIMEST, This table doesn't contain target system.

SAP has release note which will explain all these scenarios.

Have a look at SAP Note 844222 : Two OR more BW systems against one OLTP system

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