January 30, 2012

All about Inventory Management in SAP BI

As we all know it is difficult to work with Inventory Management in SAP BI. We nee to take a lot care while extracting data from ECC to BI system.
The below link gives you entire business content of inventory management.

we have below three LO data sources to extract Inventory data into BI system.

The below articles explains each and every step need to follow while installing the above data sources and filling setup tables.

If you see in any project, Inventory info cubes will not be included in BIA. Why because BIA doesn't support exception aggregations if key figures are non-cumulative.

As we have non-cumulative key figures with exception aggregation, it is not possible to include Inventory info cubes in BIA. However if you don't have exception aggregation for non-cumulative key figures, then we can include inventory info cubes in BIA.

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