March 11, 2012

What is SAP HANA?

HANA is "High performance ANalytic Appliance" which is combination of hardware and software.
HANA is also a simple Database like traditional DB, but HANA sits on In-Memory.

Why we need data in memory..?

One major thing is for faster analysis and data compression with columan based storage..

Advantages when data sits in memory?

1) no need for aggregation.
2) read and write operations will be very fast.
3) performing analytics with huge data(say in billions) will be much faster.

When we say; in recent years cost of memory has been decreased drastically, my hard disk cost was creased even more. Say if I have 1TB data, cost included in buying 1TB RAM is far high than buying 1TB hard disk.

Why I need to buy 1TB RAM instead of 1TB hard disk?

Due to the Column based storage which is introduced in SAP HANA, we will get high data compression when we move data into memory. this compression may vary from 10x to 100x depends on the individual data. So you need to buy 1TB RAM for 1TB data.

What are all the component we have in SAP HANA 1.0?
It consists of the below components.
1) Administration Console : To monitor the servers in the HANA system and to perform admin activities.
2) Information Modeler: To design the models in HANA system.

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