February 3, 2012

How to do Repeat Delta in SAP BI

We have table ROOSPRMSC which stores the successful last delta request time stamp for each data source(if it is delta enabled).

When ever the delta IP got successful, the time stamp will get update in the table (it doesn't bother about whether request is there in target or not). If the over all status of IP comes to green, then time stamp will get updated to system table.

So when ever you have any failed delta request or if you want to load the previous delta request again, follow the below steps.

1) Open the failed request or request you want to run again by going into manage tab of target and click on monitor of request, then change the over all status to red.(you can do the same like, open the delta IP in RSA1 --> on top click on monitor --> in left side you will get all requests)

here system will prompt you message saying that" you have to perform repeat delta".click on "Repeat Delta"

2) Now goto target and make the request red and delete it.

Now run your delta IP, it will pick earlier and present delta records.

Note: If you are already deleted the request from target, then open the request in RSRQ and make the request to Red. This is enough to get the last delta records.

Hope it helps...


  1. srinath.nandiganahalli@gmail.comApril 25, 2012 at 4:22 PM

    I am loading from psa in to DSO. DSO to cube further. whenever load fails at cube level for some invalid char, then we delete the request in cube and dso and do the correction in psa and then load from psa to dso. on activation of dso it goes further automatically to cube along with last successful load. How to come out of this.

  2. Hello Srinath,

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Here I have some basic doubt. If you have invalid characteristics then how come you DSO activation is successful. Infact the load should fail while loading to DSO.

    Coming to your issue, can you check the DSO settings whether "Update further target upon activation is checked" or not. If this is checked then it will get update further.


  3. Hi Venkatesh,

    I have a question based upon failed requests. Below is the scenario.

    Day 1 -> Init load from ECC to PSA and PSA to Cube Successful
    Day 2 -> Delta load from ECC to PSA and PSA to cube successful
    Day 3 -> Delta load from ECC to PSA failed and PSA to cube
    either successful or failed
    (is it possible that failed IP can get successfully
    loaded to cube in process chain?)
    Day 4-> Delta load from ECC to PSA and PSA to cube successful
    (is it possible that after one failed delta at
    infopackage, second day delta can get successful and
    loaded to target? )

    If possible then plz tell me how to get the first failed delta as if second delta is successful then first delta records will be deleted from R/3 system. Please correct me if I am wrong anywhere.


    1. Hi Venkatesh ,
      Exactly what naveed mentioned was encountered and while browsing thorug found your bog.
      My case is loading to PSA then to CUBE ( 10 cubes ).
      Req showing red in PSA
      Of 10 cubes 6 cubes the request is Green and rest 4 its is red.
      It is delta from R/3 using 2LIS_03_BF
      Error is short dump in DW . Below are the details .

      My Analysis :
      BD87 - ok
      SM58 - ok
      SM12 - ok

      Monitor has error messages :

      Extraction (messages): Errors occurred

      13233 Records sent ( 13233 Records received )
      14308 Records sent ( 14308 Records received )

      Transfer (IDocs and TRFC): Errors occurred

      Data Package 1 : arrived in BW ; Processing : Processing not yet finished, entry 70 still missi
      Data Package 2 : arrived in BW ; Processing : Processing not yet finished, entry 70 still missi

      Update rules ( 13233 -> 78375 Records ) : Errors occurred
      Message missing: Update rules finished for YYYIC_C03
      Message missing: Update rules finished for YYYMM_C01
      Message missing: Update rules finished for YYYYM_C01
      Message Missing: Update Finished for YYMM_C_01
      Monitor - Status
      Short dump in the Warehouse

      The data update was not finished. A short dump has probably been logged in BI. This provides information about the error.

      System Response
      "Caller 70" is missing.


      The database system detected a deadlock and avoided it by rolling back
      your transaction.
      If possible (and necessary), repeat the last database transaction in the
      hope that locking the object will not result in another deadlock.

      Note which actions and input led to the error.

      For further help in handling the problem, contact your SAP administrator

      You can use the ABAP dump analysis transaction ST22 to view and manage
      termination messages, in particular for long term reference.

      Short Dump : error at the Insert statement below :

      CALL FUNCTION 'RSDU_DB_COMMIT'. "Commit falls duprec bei insert!
      c_lines = 0.

      SORT g_t_u BY

      INSERT (l_facttab) FROM TABLE g_t_u.
      c_lines = sy-dbcnt.

      Kindly advice on how should i resolve this issue and load back with out any duplicates.
      Thanks and Regards,

    2. Hi Sudhir,

      Please post the same issue in SCN forum and lets wait for replies. Please let me know at mohdnaveed03@gmail.com after posting your issue in SCN forum......thx